Small Space Gardening Tips for Apartment Dwellers and Urbanites


Green Up a Privacy Wall

Urban living often means cramped quarters both indoors and out so make the most of the space you have by thinking vertically. Designer Dan Faires repurposed wood beams from a NYC building that was slated for demolition to create this privacy wall with shelves he filled with potted plants

Grow Strawberries in a Windowbox

No outdoor space? No worries. All you need is a sunny windowsill to produce a season’s worth of sweet strawberries for topping salads or yogurt, or for filling pies, cobblers or sunkers.

Put Railings to Work

Plant-filled baskets that line the railings surrounding this Brooklyn, NYC patio provide a natural break between the outdoor living room and a view of lower Manhattan beyond.




Build a Windowbox for Herbs

Basic woodworking skills are all you need to turn pressure-treated lumber into a convenient spot for growing fresh herbs all summer long. Add a line of copper anti-slug tape (available at specialty gardening shops) to ensure that you’re the only one munching on the harvest

Get Creative With Containers

Don’t toss out that empty tin, instead fill it with a potted plant to add a splash of color and pattern to your outdoor space. To prevent excess water from rusting the container’s bottom, be sure to punch drainage holes using a hammer and nail before adding the potted plant.

Choose the Right Potting Soil

The difference between a healthy container plant and one that doesn’t thrive could be as basic as choosing the right soil mix. Give container plants a healthy head-start by learning the pros and cons of 4 different potting soil types.

Grow Your Own Blackberries

In under an hour, you can plant a large container with a blackberry plant (Tip: Choose a thornless variety) to provide you with fresh fruit for topping salads or filling cobblers and pies from end of summer to early autumn, depending on your location.