If you hadn’t heard, I’m pretty fond on fashion. Having fun and not taking things too seriously is something I feel I’ve always done. From my addiction to brightly coloured leggings in my college days, to my love affair with Jeffrey Campbell platforms, I have always worn the pieces that added excitement to my wardrobe. And although my capsule style has now taken on a more classic base due to my age and growing personality, there are still so many fun and exciting pieces in my wardrobe that I adore. They might not be to everyone’s taste, but they suit mine, and that is the one thing I care about the most.




Don’t be afraid to ask that girl on the train where her incredible handbag is from, take inspiration from your favourite blogger online or swoon over that high street store window to build an outfit or closet that you love. Style may well be one of the most personal things we have, but we can discover it from the world around us and share it with others in the process. There is nothing that encourages my style and confidence more than someone stopping me in the street and giving me a compliment about my outfit. Don’t be afraid to pick up that new trend piece or a brightly coloured handbag that you truly love, just because it’s outside of your comfort zone. Be inspired and maybe you could become someone else’s inspiration.



I have made the mistake before of wearing something that didn’t feel quite right in the am and by midday I’ve been full of regret and my confidence has plummeted. Wear those 5 inch heels only when you know you won’t be walking 6 miles between 2 meetings, wear the right bra to make sure you hold yourself well and don’t be afraid to re-style your favourite piece over and over, get that cost per wear and feel great in the process! If you love that blazer that you wear for nearly every occasion, so what? As long as it makes you feel amazing, it helps you walk your tallest and enables you to feel your most confident, then what does it matter what anyone else thinks.



I love to enhance the parts of me that I feel my most confident about, when I consider my style for the day. Give yourself a break and don’t focus on what you’d prefer to hide; instead think about what you love the most about yourself and enjoy basing your style around those features. Loving your hair today? Create a simple look that focuses entirely on a new hairstyle. Loving that new faux tan? Why not get those legs out and draw the eyes to those pins. Loving that new manicure? Stack some jewellery on those wrists and hold a colour pop bag to highlight that fresh look. Or if its a body part, your legs, your bum, your boobs. Wear something that makes you feel a million dollars and forget those parts of yourself that only you would ever notice as flaws.